Godetia - Double Flowered Azalea

Godetia is a flower native to western North America. It can be found between California and British Columbia. Its scientific name, Clarkia, is named for Captain Clark who was an important pioneer for the United States in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Godetia flower is a strong bee attractor. It thrives when mass planted and works great as a colorful border. Godetia boasts bright colors that stand out when growing among grasses. This flower is related to the Evening Primrose and should be planted in soil with lower nutrient levels; it has been known to grow in soils that are sandy, alkaline, or those that contain salt. A Godetia that is planted in rich and nutrient soils will produce more foliage and fewer blooms. The seeds of this flower germinate better in cooler weather. Godetia do not tolerate hot or humid climates, temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the flower to fail. Transplanting it is often unsuccessful, so it needs to be started outside, either in the ground or in pots. Godetia makes an excellent cut flower. Plant the Godetia seeds in fall if you live in western North America and spring if you live on the eastern part of the continent.

  • Common Name: Godetia - Double Flowered Azalea
  • Latin Name: Clarkia amoena
  • Type: Flower
  • Color: red,pink,purple,white
  • Cycle: Annual
  • Origin: Native
  • Height: 12-24"
  • Planting Season: Spring and Fall
  • Bloom Season: Spring-Summer
  • Germination: 25-35 Days
  • Seeds Per Pound: 1,790,000
  • Seeding Rate: 2

*Planting and Bloom Season. Please remember that Planting and Bloom seasons will differ for each variety depending on the location and climate conditions where they are being planted. Please refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Map provided in our FAQ section for specifics on how to determine the best time of year to plant for your specific situation. The information provided below is based on experienced agricultural practices throughout the Willamette Valley of Oregon and is applicable to Zones 7-10 only.